Protocols developed by Indigenous peoples or mobile or local communities ("community protocols") are gaining recognition as a useful means by which a range of peoples and communities can engage with others according to their values, and on the basis of customary, national and international rights and responsibilities.

This website is intended for Indigenous peoples, mobile and local communities, their community-based and non-governmental organizations, governmental agencies, and researchers, among others, to:

  • Provide information about community protocols,
  • Share good practice about the development and use of community protocols,
  • Highlight the questions that peoples and communities are raising about community protocols,
  • Provide a range of resources relevant for the development and use of community protocols, and
  • Act as a clearing house for protocols developed by Indigenous peoples and local communities.

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Biocultural Community Protocols: A Toolkit for Community Facilitators
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Biodiversity and Culture: Exploring community protocols, rights and consent (IIED Participatory Learning and Action 65, 2012),
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Biocultural Community Protocols: Articulating and Asserting Stewardship (Moving Images & Natural Justice, 2012),
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